P. Seth Thompson
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Thompson was recently interviewed by Muriel Vega of Creative Loafing for their annual arts issue

P. Seth Thompson on wanting to use hoverboards in his future work and finding inspiration in his inbox

"Technology, in the form of mass media, has always been a huge part of my life even before I became an artist. The topics that I explore have a scientific component to them, so it made sense to incorporate technology-based media to expound on these ideas. At the root of all my interests — physics, movies, the internet, alternate realities — is the belief that there is something more to this world than we see, and the seamlessness of the work is something that has naturally occurred because it was there all along."

"My creative process includes a computer, Adobe Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro. Once I have an image, I import it to Photoshop and start using its tools until I get to a point where the image's original context is lost.

"While continuing to make new work, I became fascinated with the idea of equating Unix time with a VCR's time stamp. This innovation of the domestication of film created a new, active experience for the viewers. The VCR and its ability to manipulate time is what drives the concept behind the work in [Thompson's recent solo exhibit] This Message Has No Content. During this process, I received an e-mail from an unknown sender dated '12/31/1969,' with the body of the e-mail saying, 'This message has no content.' At first I thought it just sounded cool, but then I began to wonder why this message exists and what it means. Within seconds of receiving the message, the e-mail instantly vanished as if it never existed.

"Just this morning I woke up and saw that the hoverboard is finally here: anything is possible."